Ganter MacDonald documents the creative collaboration between visual artist, Jo Ganter, and musician/composer, Raymond MacDonald.

Raymond Macdonald completed his PhD in Psychology at the University of Glasgow, investigating therapeutic applications of music, Raymond worked as Artistic Director for a music company, Sounds of Progress, specialising in working with people who have special needs. He joined the School of Music in 2012 having worked at Glasgow Caledonian University previously.  He has published over 70 papers and co-edited four texts Musical Identities (2002) and Musical Communication (2005) Music Health and Wellbeing (2012) and Musical Imaginations (2012). His ongoing research focuses on issues relating to improvisation, psychology of music, music health and wellbeing, musical identities and music education.  His work includes studying the processes and outcomes of music participation and music listening

As a saxophonist and composer his work is informed by a view of improvisation as a social, collaborative and uniquely creative process that provides opportunities to develop new ways of working musically. Collaborating with musicians such as Evan Parker, David Byrne, Jim O’Rourke and Marilyn Crispell, he has released over 50 CDs and toured and broadcast worldwide. He has produced music for film, television, theatre and art installations and is a founder member of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. He has a particular interest in cross disciplinary collaboration and has extensive experience of working with artists and filmmakers. A recent Creative Scotland Vital Spark Award has allowed him to develop an innovative collaborative project with visual artist Martin Boyce and filmmaker David MacKenzie that experiments with new forms of performative work that adapts to gallery, concert hall and cinema spaces.

Jo Ganter graduated from The University of Edinburgh with Fine Art MA in 1988. She specialised in printmaking during her degree and was awarded a Rome Scholarship in 1989, going on to win a Boise Scholarship in 1993 and a Sir William Gillies Trust Fund Award in 2005. In 2012, she won the Canson Polsak Ltd. Award, at the Cracow Print Triennale. She joined the Edinburgh College of Art as a Lecturer in Art in 1995 having worked at Glasgow School of Art teaching Historical & Critical Studies. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally, representing the United Kingdom at the Koreana Tripitaka in 2011. She had a solo exhibition at Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania, the same year. In 2011 Ganter was also a visiting professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Her art work moves between abstraction and fictional photographic landscapes, using a variety of traditional print media and digital technology. Her works have been described as meditative: “spaces defined by light and atmosphere deny specificity and offer only illusory stability.” (Beth Grabowski & Bill Fick). Collaboration is a new process for her, and, while her more abstract images might often have been interpreted musically, she has not previously considered that potential. Working with Raymond has opened up new possibilities and brought new purpose to the abstract form in her work, and, brought new challenges in creating movement through animation.



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