Drawing Sound: installation and performance

The exhibition opened August 25th at the Kleinert James Center for the Arts in Woodstock, NY. Curated by Kerrie and Oscar Buitago and Melinda Stickney-Gibson, it was also supported by amazing staff at the gallery; special thanks to Derin Tanyol who with the help of volunteers, including Gabriel, made sure the show was elegantly presented. The gallery

The exhibition is advertised outside the gallery and on Woodstock’s billboard!



Rehearsals for the musical performance happened during the install, with Douglas James (drums) and David Rothenberg (clarinet and laptop electronics), joining Marilyn Crispell (piano), Raymond MacDonald(saxophone) and George Burt(guitar) for the first time.


The opening performance attracted more than 150 people.


And the next day many of them came to our workshop – creating graphic scores that we played for them as they instructed us: workshop 1

Thanks to the generosity of Kerrie and Oscar Buitago, and The Byrdcliffe Guild, there were 250 catalogues printed with full illustrations of the works exhibited and a CD of selected musical recordings of the scores. Free downloads of the catalogue are available now at:  http://www.woodstockguild.org/PDFs/DrawingSoundCatalog.pdf



Drawing Sound

An exhibition and performance in Woodstock, NY at the Kleinert James Center for the Arts: August 25 – October 15, 2017.


Graphic scores made by Jo Ganter and Raymond MacDonald, Running Under Bridges, and Jo Ganter and Marilyn Crispell, Gradations of Light,  will be exhibited and performed. Recordings of performances are available to the audience, and animations of the scores, created by Jo Ganter will be projected in the space. A live performance will take place during the opening on August 25th.

The American pianist Marilyn Crispell has been a composer and performer of contemporary improvised music since 1978 and is an important part of the American and international jazz scene as well as working with poets, film-makers and visual artists. She has been the recipient of three New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships and a Guggenheim Fellowship. She collaborated with Raymond MacDonald to produce the CD, Parallel Moments in 2014 and made Gradations of Light with Jo Ganter in 2016.

Gradations of Light is a suite of seven graphic scores. Ganter provided the grid-like structures while Crispell created gestural marks and blocks of tone that score the music. This suite of prints rejects colour in favour of tonal values, moving from darkest black through shadowy greys and silvery, subtle, changes of tone, to harsh contrasts of black and white, Each one is named for a time of day, Morning, Midday, Twilight, Night, which provides a thematic thread that links the works.

Ganter’s grid-like matrices inform all of her work with MacDonald and Crispell, but each musician has a strong creative influence and input into the images. MacDonald introducing bright colour to the pieces: clear blues, oranges, yellows and pinks make for brilliant and exuberant abstraction. Each piece by Ganter/MacDonald is a new adventure with different expressive intent. The two series of works complementing each other to produce a varied and original exhibition of sound and vision.

Yellow Fugue

The performance will also feature musician David Rothenberg who plays clarinet and laptop electronics, and is Professor of Philosophy and Music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Doug James, Marilyn’s drummer of choice. And George Burt, Scottish guitarist and composer, half of Burt MacDonald and part of Glasgow Improvisors’ Orchestra (GIO). He has played with Marilyn in Scotland as well as with Keith Tippett and Lol Coxhill.


Lineout: performance in Hangzhou, China

Raymond and George Burt, performed the graphic score, Manuscript, as part of two sets of free jazz at Lineout music venue in Hangzhou, with local musicians Laofu , Yu Chen and Li Ping.

Impact 9: International Print Conference at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou

Impact 9Impact 9, an international print conference, was hosted by the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China, 22-25 September 2015.

Hundreds of artists, academics and traders were given an incredibly warm welcome by the CAA’s printmaking students and staff. This was the venue for the second exhibition of graphic scores, composed by Raymond MacDonald and Jo Ganter. The scores were performed by Raymond, on saxophone, George Burt, guitarist, from Scotland, and, Laofu (guitar), Yu Chen (saxophone) and Li Ping (drum) from Hangzhou. It was a wonderful meeting of musical talents, with the scores being interpreted, and translated, by the Chinese and Scottish musicians.

The first rehearsal with all the musicians present was in the exhibition space, on the afternoon of September 24th. People listened to the musicians practice and asked questions throughout the afternoon. There was a final performance at 3pm, followed by more discussion.

Graphic Scores: Jo Ganter & Raymond MacDonald


Graphic scores represent music using visual images outside the realm of traditional music notation, and have been an effective way for experimental musicians to convey musical ideas since the 1950s. However, while many graphic scores are visually interesting, few claim to be works of art in their own right. The collaboration between musician and composer, Raymond MacDonald, and visual artist/printmaker, Jo Ganter, co-authors a series of original prints and musical compositions that test the possibilities of images as conductors of sound, and sound as a compositional tool for images. The reproduction of the images, as archival inkjet prints, allows the works to be used as graphic scores for groups of musicians to perform them, while they are simultaneously exhibited artworks.

Hand drawn ‘grids’ and photographs provide the starting point for intricate images that are collaboratively developed in numerous ways. Sometimes both Raymond and Jo work on the images simultaneously, sometimes through a remote collaboration (scanning and digital editing etc), and sometimes the images are edited while rehearsing with groups of musicians.

Ganter and MacDonald take equal responsibility for the making of the images and the direction of the music; immersing themselves in each other’s practice to produce truly co-authored work: Ganter/MacDonald compositions and MacDonald/Ganter prints; in this way, blurring the boundaries between visual artist and musician/composer. The resulting work is as important visually as it is musically – these two elements in complete equality.

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Parallel Moments

Parallel Moments is a CD recorded in 2010, of improvised music by Raymond MacDonald and Marilyn Crispell. Raymond collaborated with the New York-based pianist to create 10 duets. Jo Ganter created scores for three of these pieces, Longing, Town and City Halls, and Conversation. She produced three original prints which she then animated: the films taking the images into a time-based media that truly began to express the music, and explain, how the two dimensional images might act as scores for sound. Conversation




Town and City Halls