Drawing Sound: installation and performance

The exhibition opened August 25th at the Kleinert James Center for the Arts in Woodstock, NY. Curated by Kerrie and Oscar Buitago and Melinda Stickney-Gibson, it was also supported by amazing staff at the gallery; special thanks to Derin Tanyol who with the help of volunteers, including Gabriel, made sure the show was elegantly presented. The gallery

The exhibition is advertised outside the gallery and on Woodstock’s billboard!



Rehearsals for the musical performance happened during the install, with Douglas James (drums) and David Rothenberg (clarinet and laptop electronics), joining Marilyn Crispell (piano), Raymond MacDonald(saxophone) and George Burt(guitar) for the first time.


The opening performance attracted more than 150 people.


And the next day many of them came to our workshop – creating graphic scores that we played for them as they instructed us: workshop 1

Thanks to the generosity of Kerrie and Oscar Buitago, and The Byrdcliffe Guild, there were 250 catalogues printed with full illustrations of the works exhibited and a CD of selected musical recordings of the scores. Free downloads of the catalogue are available now at:  http://www.woodstockguild.org/PDFs/DrawingSoundCatalog.pdf


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