Notating Beauty That Moves

Artistree_Yi Yi Lily Chan

Notating Beauty that Moves is an exhibition and a series of concerts presented by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and co-curated by Samson Young and Yang Yeung,  at Artistree, Cambridge House, Hong Kong. Two of our graphic scores, Caissons 1 and Slant, are part of this exhibition and performed by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta according to our directions.

The theme of the exhibition is musical notation. It includes work by historic and contemporary artists and composers. Slant and Caissons 1 were played at the concert Gesturing Motion, March 10, 2018. The pieces were introduced by Samson Young and the animation, Running Under Bridges was shown to enhance the audience’s understanding  of our working practice.

An extract from the exhibition website:
“Notating Beauty that Moves presents musical scores in the classical and contemporary hands of composers from the past and present. They are placed among works-on-paper, drawings, moving images, texts, photography, paintings, by artists who may or may not have been trained in music. In juxtaposing them alongside each other, we propose that in each work there are many moves to follow and follow through. One might even say, we owe art and life to motion.

A series of concerts, featuring members of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the acclaimed Australian group Ensemble Offspring, will put a spotlight on the process through which musical signs are translated into physical motions.”

click here for more images from Gesturing Motion


2 thoughts on “Notating Beauty That Moves

  1. Dear Jo and Raymond – thank you for covering Samson and Yang’s exhibition. I’d like to point out that although I did take installs of the exhibition, I did not cover the events. Hence, all of the above photographs were not taken by me. I believe these were shot by an in-house staff at Hong Kong Sinfonietta. Please kindly take my name out of the credit line. Many thanks!


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